Scain Pine Nut Peeler

The Original. Don't Accept imitations | Satisfaction Guarantee

Peeling pine nuts for the best recipes got even easier!

Forget knives and the mess! The Scain Pine Nut Peeler is the ideal solution for peeling pine nuts that is very fast and practical. Even Better: is comes with Scain's incomparable safety and quality, ensuring durability and satisfaction.


Easy to use, practical, and fast peeling of cooked pine nuts!

  • Exclusive gear system
  • Non-slip coating to protect the table
  • Anti-slip rubber fastener
  • Fairing with epoxy paint
  • Super resistant steel body
  • Reinforced hand crank

See how easy it is to use!

  1. Place the cooked and hot pine nuts in the input tray, with the thorn part in contact with the gears.
  2. Turn the crank, causing the peel to be "pulled" between the gears
  3. Done! The pine nuts come out at the front of the machine and the peels are eliminated on the other side.
  4. Remove any peel that may have remained. Wash with boiling water and dry before putting it away.








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